Almond biscuits with pistachio


The almond biscuit with pistachio are one of the most traditional sweet from Sicilian cuisine. Mwith the best pistachios and the best almonds from the island, we follow the ancient recipe of our Sicilian grandma Grazia. Our almond biscuits with pistachio are soft inside covered with a thin crunchy shell. With their unmistakable taste, this biscuit are great to be eaten with a cup of tea or after a reach Sunday lunch along with a good amaro. 




PACKAGING: 150g bag

INGREDIENTI: Almond 50%; sugar, pistachio 10%, egg white, glucose syrup, stabilizer: sorbitol, honey, invert sugar syrup, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural flavors, preservative: sorbic acid. It may contain other nuts.



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The almond biscuits with pistachio is a very old and traditional treat from Sicily.

It is believed that it was the Arabs who began working sugar to produce sweets, later mixing it with almonds to create the preparation base which was then used by the monks of the Convento della Martorana in Palermo to create the first almond pastes.

The almond is the queen of dried fruit as it has many nutritional properties and is an excellent ally of our health.

So here are some benefits of almonds:

  • They are rich in vitamins and mineral salts;
  • They lower the level of cholesterol;
  • They are a powerful natural antioxidant;
  • They contain magnesium, so they are good for the nervous system;
  • They are valuable for bone health;
  • They are a panacea for the intestine thanks to the presence of fibers;
  • They preserve youth and well-being of skin and hair;
  • They have positive effects on those suffering from diabetes;
  • Their calories make them particularly suitable for giving energy to the body.


The irresistible almond sweets of the Sicilian tradition enriched by the taste of pistachio. Sicilian pistachio almond pastes are an alternative to the classic almond pastes, always very popular. They will drive pistachio lovers crazy and not only.



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