Anchovy fillets


Our Anchovy fillets are great to lay on a slice of toasted buttered bread and garnished with some organic lemon zest, great to enrich the flavour.



PACKAGING: 160g jar

INGREDIENTS: Anchovy, vergin olive oil, sea salt.



We strive to constantly produce and deliver the highest quality products. We only work with producers who create distinctive, sustainable raw material that are responsibly sourced. As a result, our products are unique and high in quality.



Anchovies are an excellent ingredient for all occasions. Very versatile, it can be considered a bit like a dinner-saving ingredient when you don’t have the time or desire to cook.


Anchovy fillets main characteristic lies in their intense flavor which allows you to flavor and give more life to basic dishes such as simple vegetables heated or sautéed in a pan.


In this occasion I would take broccoli for example. Broccoli are mostly bland and not so tasty, but with the addition of fresh cherry tomatoes, capers, anchovies and pine nuts I’m sure it is possible to rediscover a simple, quick and really tasty dish.


There are many recipes that can be made with anchovy fillets. One of these are bruschetta with butter and lemon zest. Very simple and quick to prepare, just butter a slice of bread, a crouton or cracker, add the anchovies and sprinkle them delicately with grated lemon peel which serve to dampen the strong flavour of anchovy fillets leaving a sweet scent of citrus.

Discover the recipe for homemade anchovy bruschetta here



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