Aubergine fillets


Our aubergine fillets are sweet and delicate, perfect to use in lots of your recipe and dishes such as starters like delicious bruschetta and main courses like the famous pasta alla norma. You can even use the aubergine fillets as a side dish or enrich the flavour of a traditional and boring salad. They are very delicious on a pizza or on a crusty toasted bread accompanied with some plum tomato sauce and a mountain of ricotta cheese.

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PACKAGING: 280g jar

INGREDIENTS: Aubergines, sunflower oil, chilli pepper, garlic, oregano, basil.



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The aubergine is a widely used ingredient in traditional Sicilian cuisine. Rich in vitamins and with a sweet and delicate taste, it goes perfectly with strong taste ingredients such as tomato sauce and salted ricotta. The aubergine can be cooked stuffed with rice and vegetables or baked in the oven with the skin on and seasoned with salt, oil, spices and aromatic herbs. It releases unique flavors somewhat typical of Arab cuisine.


Very versatile, aubergines in oil are ideal for quick but very tasty preparations. They are perfect to be enjoyed as they are, for a simple aperitif, but also for more interesting recipes such an off-the-menu gourmet salads. The best thing would be to reproduce the taste of pasta alla norma, replacing the pasta with well-toasted slices of bread and then seasoned with datterino tomato sauce, aubergines in oil, basil and salted ricotta. You could also add dried tomatoes to give stronger flavour to the bruschetta.



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