Bronze-drawn Busiate


The Bronze-drawn busiate are drawn through bronze and slowly dried at low temperatures. They look like linguine twisted on themselves, typical of Sicilian cuisine. Their name derives from the “busio”, stem of a grass, which was used to give the typical spiral appearance of the busiate. Typical dish are the busiate alla trapanese



PACKAGING: 500g bag

INGREDIENTS: durum wheat, water.
Contain gluten



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Busiate can be considered one of the most ancien and traditional pasta shape from Sicily. With its spiral shape, the bronze-drawn busiate are made with the highest quality grains.


today, to make our busiate we use bronze-drawn machines, but anciently, the main tool used to shape the pasta was the busio, the stem of a native grass called disa, from which probably comes from the name “busiate”. The busio was used by the farmers to bond together the ears of corn that they were harvesting and by the ladies to shape the traditional busiata pasta. 


Their characteristic spiral shape allows them to hold sauces and condiments exceptionally well. The bronze-drawn busiate, as per the Sicilian culinary tradition, go very well with the classic Trapanese pesto made with almonds, fresh tomatoes, basil and mint; with the swordfish sauce and with a simple but tasty pasta with tomato and fresh basil. For meat-based recipes, try it with Sicilian black pig ragout.



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