Caper pesto


With our caper pesto we wanted to bring the flavor of the Aeolian Islands to your home. It is an excellent pesto to use to give more flavor to your dishes, especially if they are fish. But have you ever tried capers with honey or to make a good dessert? I highly recommend.



PACKAGING: 180g jar

INGREDIENTS: Capers 70%, sunflower oil.



We strive to constantly produce and deliver the highest quality products. We only work with producers who create distinctive, sustainable raw material that are responsibly sourced. As a result, our products are unique and high in quality.



A pesto with all Sicilian origins made with capers from our island. Composed of 70% capers, this pesto was created to make delicious and exquisite recipes with a wholly Mediterranean taste. In fact, the caper is a shrub that is born and grows in the Mediterranean maquis, with greater development in Sicily. What we find on the table is not its fruit, but the pod of a flower, which is harvested before it can open.


Capers are rich in vitamins and mineral salts. They contain a very high percentage of water, performing a moisturizing and diuretic action recommended for those suffering from cellulite. It has an antioxidant and anticancer action thanks to the presence of kaempferol, a flavonoid present in various plants and foods of plant origin.


Caper pesto is excellent for enriching many vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. From quick and very tasty salads, to small and tasty appetizers up to being able to use it on first courses and as a condiment for soups and main courses. A real gem that can revolutionize the flavor of simple dishes.



To find out more about the fennel pesto, Torrisi’s products and Sicily culinary tradition, we suggest you to visit our blog full of interesting and captivating articles about Sicily and its many facets. While among the recipes section you will find a wide variety of simple and quick recipes. So many ideas and useful advice on how and when to use our products in the kitchen for the creation of excellent dishes.


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