Caramelised almond


The caramelised almond is a treat specially made during Christmas time. The caramelised almond is sweet and crunchy. It is covered with a layer of fine caramel that enrich the almond flavour and give a new shape to it. The caramelised almond is a nice and  tasty treat for any occasion. Perfect after the gym, or as a day time snack.



PACKAGING: 100g jar

INGREDIENTS: almond, sugar, glucose



We strive to constantly produce and deliver the highest quality products. We only work with producers who create distinctive, sustainable raw material that are responsibly sourced. As a result, our products are unique and high in quality.



The edible seed produced by the almond tree is a precious nut with a refined taste. This typical Sicilian nut, in addition to being characterized by a high protein intake, contains only 5% saturated fat and is cholesterol-free.


It is rich in numerous vitamins, such as B2, PP, B1 and vit. E. There are also mineral salts, including magnesium, calcium, copper, phosphorus and zinc. Almonds are also rich in dietary fibre, very useful for maintaining the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora and the proper functioning of the colon.


Caramelised almond grains are a real delicacy, ideal to be enjoyed at any time of the day, wherever you are, even away from home. From the processing of three simple ingredients, almonds, water and sugar, an excellent reserve of energy is obtained “within the purse”. The sweetness and crunchiness of the browned sugar give the caramelized almond grains a unique and irresistible flavour, which makes you want to taste them one after the other.



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