Dried tomatoes


The dried tomatoes take a really big spot in the Sicilian cuisine. Sicilians use this ingredient in lots of their traditional recipes to give a much more strong flavour to their meal. In fact the Sicilian dried tomatoes have a particular sweet and sour flavour that makes them a great ingredient for lot’s of Sicilian recipes like the caponata or the bruschetta alla norma, the capuliato and so on and so forth. 



PACKAGING: 280g jar

INGREDIENTS: Dried tomato, sunflower oil, oregano, mint, garlic, chilli pepper, basil, wine vinegar, salt, bay leaf.


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Dried tomato is a product closely linked to the Sicilian tradition. After been harvested and then cut in half , the tomatoes are slowly dried, keeping all its nutritional values. They have a sweet taste characterized by slightly sour notes. This processing allows its consumption even in the coldest periods of the year, when there is a slowdown in production.


Widely used in the kitchen, it gives color and character to your dishes. Excellent to be served as an appetizer, perhaps on a Sicilian bruschetta with aubergines and salted ricotta or for pistachio lovers with burrata, mortadella and pistachio pesto. The sour notes from the tomato combine with the more delicate and sweet ones from the pistachio offers a product with a unique taste.


The famous “capuliato” derives from the finely cut dried tomato. Excellent for delicious recipes and for making flavored sauces. Therefore it is used as a condiment for salads, first and second courses of meat and fish.



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