Fennel pesto


With our fennel pesto you can give an extra touch to your dishes. Use it to flavor soups and fish-based dishes, but even main courses like pasta and meat.



PACKAGING: 90g jar

INGREDIENTS: wild fennel 65%, anchovies 1%, pine nuts, sultanas, sunflower oil.


We strive to constantly produce and deliver the highest quality products. We only work with producers who create distinctive, sustainable raw material that are responsibly sourced. As a result, our products are unique and high in quality.



Fennel is ancient plant known for thousands of years. According to ancient beliefs, rubbing your legs with fennel served as an antidote for snake and dog bites. The Romans appreciated it and spread it throughout Europe, where it is still used today for its intense aromatic smell.


From its name derives the Italian term “infinocchiare” (make a fool of) due to the habit of the ancient innkeepers of serving it on the table together with poor quality wine and meat to cover the unpleasant taste of the vinegary wine or the inedible meat.


The fennel has digestive and purifying properties, helping your intestine to fight meteorism.


Fennel is rather used in Italian gastronomy, a lot in central and southern Italy, in particular to flavor lamb, duck or pork dishes, sausages and pickles. Many dishes are prepared with the fresh green leaves and in particular the fennel pesto of the Sicilian tradition.


In Sicily, our fennel pesto is used to season pasta, many appreciate it with spaghettoni or busiate, and to flavor fish-based second courses.



To find out more about the fennel pesto, Torrisi’s products and Sicily culinary tradition, we suggest you to visit our blog full of interesting and captivating articles about Sicily and its many facets. While among the recipes section you will find a wide variety of simple and quick recipes. So many ideas and useful advice on how and when to use our products in the kitchen for the creation of excellent dishes.


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