Green olives patè


Torrisi’s green olive patè goes really well with some nice house bread or it can be the perfect condiment for your salads. Try to slice some bread adding our green olives patè with burrata, capers and dried tomatoes. The result will be excellently good.

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PACKAGING: 140g jar

Pitted green olives 85%, extra virgin olive oil, sour wine vinegar, mix of aromatic plants.


We strive to constantly produce and deliver the highest quality products. We only work with producers who create distinctive, sustainable raw material that are responsibly sourced. As a result, our products are unique and high in quality.



The green olive paté is an absolutely fabulous condiment with a strong and captivating taste. The goodness of the paté depends on the quality and type of olives used. These give the product an aroma and a perfume that brings us back to the taste of freshly picked olives.


Green olives are a very rich source of vitamins from group A, B, C and E. Thanks to the mineral salts they contain, they provide the body with iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iodine, which give the intestine acid oleic useful to regulate the intestinal system and to strengthen the immune system.


Green olive paté can be used in a thousand ways. This condiment is perfect for preparing  first courses and second courses of meat or fish. Thanks to its creamy consistency it is excellent if spread on canapés, croutons, bruschetta, bread, potatoes and vegetables or to be combined with local salami and cheeses such as the Nebrodi provola.



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