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Our pistachio pesto is made with 60% pure chopped pistachio and then mixed with oil, salt and pepper. Vegan by nature it is excellent to be enjoyed on a slice of toast or even better on a plate of pasta, for a simple and quick recipe, but with A characteristic Sicilian taste. The pistachio pesto is very versatile. Excellent to garnish main and second courses like fish or meat and last but not least it is great on pizza.

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PACKAGING: 90g | 200g jar

INGREDIENTS: Pistachio 60%; sunflower oil, stabiliser (sorbitol, emulsifier E471, natural flavoring), salt, pepper. May contain other nuts and soy.



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Pistachio pesto is a condiment with an aromatic, strong and intense flavour. The pistachio plant, originally from the Mediterranean area, was cultivated in Sicily by the Arabs during their domination. This emerald green fruit, typical of the city of Bronte, grows on the slopes of Etna, on lava and steep terrain, enclosed within a shell.


Pistachio is rich in vitamins of group B, PP, E, K, and mineral salts, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.


Pistachio pesto, which has now become indispensable in the kitchen, is a very versatile condiment, it is used for the creation of many and varied recipes. It is used to flavor first courses, fish or meat dishes, to stuff meat rolls. Furthermore, it can be enjoyed  together with cold cuts such as cooked ham or mortadella and it is simply a pleasure if added to pizza or spread on bread or canapés.



To find out more about the spreadable almond cream , Torrisi’s products and Sicily culinary tradition, we suggest you to visit our blog full of interesting and captivating articles about Sicily and its many facets. While among the recipes section you will find a wide variety of simple and quick recipes. So many ideas and useful advice on how and when to use our products in the kitchen for the creation of excellent dishes.


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