Red chili patè


This red chili patè is made for real hot food lovers. inspired by the lava from Mont Etna, the red chili patè has a beautiful and vivid red colour with a spicy and sweet taste. It is great to be consumed with some bread and cheese or to be used as  an ingredient of tasty and spicy recipe such as the cuttlefish black ink risotto, also called the Mount Etna risotto.



PACKAGING: 90g jar

INGREDIENTS: Red chili pepper 70%, sunflower oil, citric acid



We strive to constantly produce and deliver the highest quality products. We only work with producers who create distinctive, sustainable raw material that are responsibly sourced. As a result, our products are unique and high in quality.



The chili pepper is the common name given to the berry obtained from some spicy plant varieties, mainly used as a condiment.


Although coming from the same genus as the pepper, the chili differs from it since it contains capsaicin, a chemical compound present in different concentrations depending on the variety, responsible for spiciness.


In ancient times it was used in the preparation of hot chocolate and is the basis of various dishes. It is a widely used ingredient in South American gastronomy both for its spicy flavor and for coloring dishes. Once acclimatised in Europe, it became customary to dry and grind chili peppers and use them to flavor and color different types of sauces and dishes.


In Italy chili pepper is usually used as a condiment: it can be eaten fresh, dried or as a pate with chili pepper.


Our creamy red chili patè is suitable for garnishing croutons, bruschetta, sandwiches or simply as a pasta condiment.


Some studies have reported that regular intake of hot peppers is associated with a reduction in mortality. The red chili pepper also promotes good digestion because it increases the production of saliva and gastric juices.



To find out more about the red chili patè , Torrisi’s products and Sicily culinary tradition, we suggest you to visit our blog full of interesting and captivating articles about Sicily and its many facets. While among the recipes section you will find a wide variety of simple and quick recipes. So many ideas and useful advice on how and when to use our products in the kitchen for the creation of excellent dishes.


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